The importance of corporate culture to a graduate employee

For many young Graduates leaving university and stepping out in to a corporate environment with its fast paced and intense demands can come as a culture shock

From a business perspective, employing a graduate is an investment in the future of the company. If they hope to see a good return on that investment then they need to give careful consideration to the company culture and how to incorporate a Graduate employee in to it.

Company culture is central to an organisation and how it operates. It impacts on how it deals with customers, how it is viewed by the outside world and the future direction it is travelling in.

With Graduates, as with all employees, it is important that they feel valued and that they are making a valuable contribution to the success of the company. In a positive corporate culture in which professionalism, high achievement and team-building is prioritised, employees can be inspired to work to a higher level.

In an organisation with a poor company culture; one that is apathetical towards its employees will invariably yield a workforce that is disenfranchised and not performing to the optimum level. In a poor corporate environment where showing initiative and creative thinking isn’t encouraged; morale can quickly diminish; damaging self-confidence and leading to a disinterested attitude in the process.

Graduates want to feel challenged and to be given the opportunity to put the knowledge they learnt at university into practice. A positive corporate culture that encourages this could make the difference between them rising through the ranks of the company and contributing towards its growth or leaving after three months in search of a new challenge.

AECS, we pride ourselves on our company values; they are the glue that holds us together and are key to everything we do. All of our clients and employees are treated with respect and transparency. By creating a working atmosphere where people can express their ideas at any level, we thrive on their innovation and are keen to recognise and reward performance in this area. We value proactive, self-motivating people with ideas, energy and commitment and inspire them by ensuring that no doors are closed and every voice is heard. If you are a Graduate looking for an opportunity with a company that has these values, why not check out AECS’s Lead the Way Graduate to Corporate Programme today