About :

UFT was launched to make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate. This functional automated testing software—formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP)—helps deliver quality software at the speed your business needs.

Objective :

The objective of this course is to provide insights on HP-UFT core functionalities

Course offerings :

Basic :

  • Understand what tests to automate
  • Create basic automated scripts
  • Add synchronization to ensure successful replay of scripts
  • Work with objects and understand how to use the various tools available to manage objects
  • Insert checkpoints for verifying the expected results in the test case
  • Data drive the scripts using parameters and data files
  • Modularize scripts to make them re-usable
  • Handle applications that use custom objects that cannot be recorded by standard methods

Advanced :

  • Work in the Expert View
  • Add VBScript code to enhance script functionality
  • Do advanced manipulation of run time objects
  • Creating custom functions and using function libraries
  • Use programmatic descriptions to work with objects
  • Using external data sources like excel files to input data into script
  • Create recovery scenarios using built in wizard and custom functions
  • Build automation frameworks to optimize the automation effort
  • Use test management tools like Quality Center and leverage the version control capabilities