About :

Angular JS training course provides coverage for web application development using HTML and AngularJS. This course describes the various JavaScript libraries and Framework used for writing client side code


The objective of this course is to provide drill on JavaScript MVC framework and to train them as a certified front end application developer

Course offerings :

  • Develop dynamic and interactive web-pages using HTML and AngularJS
  • Use AngularJS built-in directives like ng-app, ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-model, built-in filters
  • To use AngularJS filters and expression to format and display data
  • Implement data binding to display data in HTML pages
  • Define Controller, use $scope object.
  • Create Services and Factory , perform unit testing
  • Implement event handling, Animation effects
  • Use $http ,$Location AngularJS service
  • Work with Templates and Routing in AngularJS
  • Integrate Angular with other technologies such as ASP.NET MVC and Java.
  • Implement a case study using AngularJS as client side Framework for building RIA.